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Generators in Business

Ever wonder why business can be so overwhelming and complicated for you as a Generator?

There are so many pieces and parts to building a sustainable business, but when you have the knowing of how you are designed to go through it all and put it together, this becomes your foundation for all you do and the ultimate game changer.

This course takes my 6+ years of coaching Generators successfully and distills it down into simple to use and easy to follow techniques that can be applied to any type of business you're building.  

Brand Style Guide

Ever wonder how to get a brand style that reflects who you truly are?

What colors to use? Fonts? Overall style?

In this Mini Course, Natalie reveals her branding style guide secrets using the Elements as your guide. So you can learn proper use of color, fonts, logo, and create an overall look and feel that magnetize clients to you.

5-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse

Discover the deep nourishment this unique blend of traditional Ayurveda with superfoods will give you over the next 5 days.

Human Design Chart Reading

Are you ready to learn about how you are designed to operate in this world? What your special gifts are? How you are uniquely designed to create and manifest?

Your Human Design Chart is your energetic blueprint and shows how you’re different and unique. Get to know what it is that makes you YOU and how you can start using it to create the business you’re designed for in this personalized 90-minute session.


Imagine being able to release negative emotions, and even emotions around traumatic events that have happened to you and reset yourself back to who you are meant to be.

That's the power of attunements. They find the disharmony in your aura and reset you back to factory settings, helping you to quickly release old patterns and negative emotions so you can be in harmony with yourself again.

Instead of years of therapy, we just tune it out!

This private 1:1 remote session uses the power of tuning forks and Sourced energy to comb through your auric field, works with your body to do the reset, and all you need to do is find a quit, comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. Then just sit back and feel the work happen to you. 

Activating Magic Human Design Study Group

What's included:

  • Diving into your Human Design
  • Live study group calls on Zoom
  • Audio and video recordings of all group calls
  • Transcripts for each group call
  • Access to private members area
  • Study lessons

Your Magic - A Preview

When working with Natalie Collins One-on-One, you'll get a specialized VIP area made just for you.

Here's a preview of what it'll look like.

Feel free to take a look around.

Writing Meditations

A collection of 6 Writing Meditation Workbooks that guide you to getting to the root of what's blocking you and opening up the space so you can connect with your deeper desires and goals.

This collection includes:

  • Daily Goal Achievement 
  • Boost Your Creativity
  • Breakthrough Your Blocks
  • Daily Happiness & Gratitude 
  • Release Your Fears
  • Silence The Inner Critic

Activated | Private Business And Human Design Coaching

Need personalized support for your Business + Human Design so that you can create a business and life that is in alignment with the real you, and get the support you need along the way? Then this is for you.

You'll get:

  • Get clear on your next steps and overall vision
  • Stay on track with your goals and accountability
  • Guidance through systems and processes that are right for you
  • Learning how to follow and implement your Inner Authority "Yes" and "No"
  • Spontaneous inspiration and ideas on how to make things simpler along with practical implementation strategies 
  • Private members area for all call recordings to access at any time all in one place.

You have 3 options:

  1. Unlimited Coaching 1-hour calls
  2. 3-Sessions Coaching 1-hour calls (3 per month)
  3. At Your Own Pace 1-hour calls 

Schedule a quick call with Natalie to see which one would be right for you. Once you decide on the one you want, she will create a private members area just for you.

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