Healing Magic

Healing Magic

Have you ever had someone tell you exactly what you needed to hear or exactly what you needed to eat, or exactly what was happening within your body, and when you heard it, something in your body shifted and you knew it was the truth?

This happens to each and every one of my clients who come to me for energetic work.

I go into meditation, connect with your essence, and your essence tells me what you need, and what you may be too afraid to hear. 

It may tell me things for you like...

  • Breathe in healing energy for their lungs and have them go get tested for mold toxicity
  • Hold the space for Mother Mary to come in and give a healing
  • You have sludge in your gallbladder, you need warm lemon water with raw honey to help move it through.

Sometimes it's practical and sometimes it's releasing old energy and bringing in new strategies into your system so you can become a renewed, better version of yourself.

It's healing and magical, helping you to align with the truth you need right now so you can start to live the life you came here to live.

The best part is...

They're spot on ever time!

Would you like to receive Healing Magic - a distance energetic alignment - so you can start to release what's holding you back, and start living more fully into who you really are?

Get started by purchasing a session. We'll have a call on Zoom to meet, hear what's going on, and get you aligned.

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