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Enjoy these free gifts designed just for you to help you get started activating your magic.

Brand Style Guide

Ever wonder how to get a brand style that reflects who you truly are?

What colors to use? Fonts? Overall style?

In this Micro Course, Natalie reveals her branding style guide secrets using the Elements as your guide. So you can...

Writing Meditations

A collection of 6 Writing Meditation Workbooks that guide you to getting to the root of what's blocking you and opening up the space so you can connect with your deeper desires and goals.

This collection includes:

  • Daily Goal Achievement 
  • Boost Your Creativity
  • Breakthrough Your Blocks
  • Daily Happiness & Gratitude 
  • Release Your Fears
  • Silence The Inner Critic

5-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse

Discover the deep nourishment this unique blend of traditional Ayurveda with superfoods will give you over the next 5 days.

Seeing Magic | Private Human Design Chart Reading

Are you ready to learn about how you are designed to operate in this world? What your special gifts are? How you are uniquely designed to create and manifest?

Your Human Design Chart is your energetic blueprint and shows how you’re different and unique. Get to know what it is that makes you YOU and how you can start using it to create the business you’re designed for in this personalized 90-minute session.

Healing Magic

Healing Magic is the key to getting what you need energetically on a soul level right in this moment, and it's attainable only through a private energetic alignment.

Your Magic - A Preview

When working with Natalie Collins One-on-One, you'll get a specialized VIP area made just for you.

Here's a preview of what it'll look like.

Feel free to take a look around.

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