Brand Style Guide

Ever wonder how to get a brand style that
reflects who you truly are?

What colors to use? Fonts? Overall style?

So you can be seen for the stunning beauty you really are?

Wonder no more!

By using the secret of the Elements, you'll learn how to:

And how to put it all together...

All in less than an hour!

You'll easily discover:

  • What your element is
  • What style your element is
  • What your element color palette is
  • How to stay within your new framework
  • The 3 font rules to never break
  • Free tools
  • How to create a branding board and guide PDF
  • Your ultimate brand style!

The Overview:

Lesson 1: Finding Your Color Palette (28:57)

Each one of the elements has a different color palette and overall style. You'll learn how to determine what your primary element is and get inspirations on how to find the branding style and colors right for you.

You'll also learn the 3 font rules you should never break so your brand stays visually consistent and clean.

There is a beautiful real life example of how one of Natalie's client's used her branding guide to create her own beautiful brand.

Lesson 2: Create Your Brand Style Guide (12:25)

This is where you'll get to play with your own BONUS Canva template to create your Brand Style Guide. There is a step-by-step video on how to use the template, so you can have the confidence to get in there and have fun creating a look and feel that's in alignment with you!

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